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UFO Comic Anthology Vol. 1

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By Gerry Anderson, Shaqui Le Vesconte, Stephen Cary, Andrew Clements, Chris Dale & Various

'The year is 19890. It has been established that hostile visitors from deep space are reaching the Earth in machines code-named UFOs.'

The year is 1971,, and the strip adventures of UFO begin in the new space age comic Countdown!

Join Commander Ed Straker and Colonels Alec Freeman and Paul Foster of SHADO - the Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation- as they protect the World from beings beyond this Solar System.

Beings who want our bodies to prolong their survival. Who want our minds to control. Perhaps who want our planet Earth to take as their own, at any cost.

Based on the classic television series, UFO was one of the pioneer comic strips of the 1970s. Never before reprinted or collected, relive these powerful adventure sin the first of two volumes, and discover the story behind its creation - and beyond - with supporting features.

Published by Anderson Entertainment
ISBN: 9781914522208