What's a standing order?

A Standing Order is an ongoing order for comics title(s), either for collection in store, or sent via mail order.

Send us a list of the comics you wish to collect, and we will reserve each new issue for you upon release. This can be done for all comics: ongoing comics, magazines, mini-series, one-shots, and crossovers. 

How to order

You can fill in the form below which has our most requested titles. For other titles, you can contact us via our Contact page

Your order will be effective from the next available issue; if you require earlier issues, please let us know.

How to cancel

Please contact us to amend or cancel your Standing Order. You will need to collect any issues of the series that accrued before the cancellation date.

What it costs and how to pay

There are no extra charges or fees for maintaining a Standing Order.

If you are picking up your comics in store, you can pay upon collection. For mail orders, we require card details to be kept on file for a weekly or monthly payment.

$3.99 comics are £3.50, $4.99 comics are £4.50, and you can find the full conversion price chart for our comics on our FAQ page.

Mail order

We can post your comics on a weekly or monthly basis. Postage is free for 3 or more comics, or £1.50 for 1-2 comics. If you would like bags and boards, they are charged at 16p per comic. All comics are sent in sturdy cardboard mailers (or boxes for larger orders).

If you are interested in setting up a standing order from outside the UK, please get in touch as we offer combined shipping rates.