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Transformers Vol. 6: War's End

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By Brian Ruckley
Illustrated by Anna Malkova, Jack Lawrence, Andrew Griffith and Winston Chan

It’s all come down to this. With the Decepticons gaining ground and the Autobots at the brink, the war for Cybertron careens to its climax.

Before now, the planet had known peace for 2,000 years, but there are those who remember the last war, and would bring that knowledge to bear to end the current one. Will more than secrets be unburied? Then, Arcee, Windblade, and Chromia mount a desperate rescue mission that finally reunites Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but is it too little too late? 
Even as the Decepticons lay siege to the last Autobot stronghold, new dangers emerge that threaten the entire world. Insecticlone swarms. Rust worms. And a great evil reborn… Exarchon, the Threefold Spark.
Just like that, the conflict is rearranged. With Exarchon’s reappearance, battles evaporate, victories become moot. Nowhere—and no one—on Cybertron is safe. The Autobots face a choice: is Cybertron even worth saving? And if so, can Optimus and Megatron set aside their rivalry to do it?
Collects Transformers #37–43, Transformers: War’s End #1–4, and Transformers: Fate of Cybertron, from writer Brian Ruckley and artists Anna MalkovaJack Lawrence, and Andrew Griffith.

Hardcover | $49.99
Published by IDW Publishing
Nov 15, 2022 | 320 Pages | 7 x 11 | ISBN 9781684059416