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The Vampire Slayer Vol. 2

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By Sarah Gailey
Illustrated by Sonia Liao and Claudia Balboni

A New Slew of Monsters Faces the Gang and Our New Slayer!

The WILLOWVERSE continues with Willow Rosenberg, now not only a powerful witch but also the Chosen One. While Buffy still struggles with her powerless predicament, feeling envy and frustration as her sense of purpose is lost with the existence of the new Slayer. But there are more pressing problems…

Both separately and together, the gang will face strange and monstrous enemies, including a restaurant-owning demon with hunger for human bodies, and an even more menacing demon with a speciality in feasting on Slayers! Will Buffy be able to escape from her web without help?

Writer Sarah Gailey (Eat the Rich, Magic For Liars) along with artists Sonia Liao (A Spark Within the Forge) and Claudia Balboni (Fairlady) continue the journey of a new Vampire Slayer!

Collects The Vampire Slayer #5-8.

Publisher: BOOM! Studios (May 2, 2023)
Length: 128 pages
ISBN13: 9781684158935