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The Little Flower Shop

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Create a stunning window display with beautiful flowers, vases, and hanging baskets. A familiar card drafting mechanic, yet unique scoring method, makes this game easy and interesting. The game features the wonderful artwork of botanical artist, Sarah Wry. With its short playing time and easy rules, this game is fun for casual and serious gamers alike.  


The game's basic mechanic is "pick and pass."  Players are dealt a hand of cards, they all choose 1 simultaneously, then pass the remaining cards to the next player.  The process is repeated so players eventually collect 21 cards (3 rounds with 7 cards each).  Players choose from different card types:  flowers, vases, hanging baskets, money, and orders.  During the game, you will try to find flowers to match vases, sell flowers to acquire money, and use your money to buy hanging baskets.  As you continue to fill your window with beautiful items, you'll score "flower power" in an effort to have the best flower display in town.

Players: 1-4
Age: 10+
Playing Time: 30 mins