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Teen Titans Go Box Set: TV or Not TV (Vols. 1-2-3)

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By Sholly Fisch, Merrill Hagan, Ivan Cohen, Heather Nuhfer, P. C. Morrissey

Join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven as they display their unique brand of hijinks, mayhem and justice!

Between giant pizza monsters, Hypno-Specs, and the Amazing Mumbo Jumbo uses his magic to scramble the team’s superpowers—the action and fun are non-stop! Get ready to dig in with this Teen Titans Go! Box Set collecting Teen Titans Go! Vol. 1: Party Party Party, Teen Titans Go! Vol. 2: Welcome to the Pizza Dome, and Teen Titans Go! Vol. 3: Mumbo Jumble!

Publisher: DC Comics
Format: Paperback
ISBN: ‎ 9781779521583