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Star Wars Vol. 7: Dark Droids

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By Charles Soule
Illustrated by Madibek Musabekov

The Dark Droids saga casts its shadow over the flagship Star Wars title! Something has gone horribly wrong with Lobot, putting the Rebellion at terrible risk! Lando Calrissian will do anything to save his friend, even if it means betraying his rebel allies. But salvation lies deep within the palace of Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine – and that’s where the Scourge of the Droids currently is! Will Lando live long enough to find what he’s seeking, or will the Scourge destroy any chance to cure Lobot? With the palace swarming with evil droids, all hungry for blood, hope may soon be lost. But when a desperate Lando turns back to the rebels for help, how can he possibly convince them that he’s not a traitor?

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Marvel
ISBN: 9781302948092