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Star Trek: Discovery - Adventures in the 32nd Century

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By Mike Johnson
Illustrated by Angel Hernandez

Explore the far future of Star Trek in these adventures set after the U.S.S. Discovery’s jump forward in time at the end of Season Two!

Uncover new stories of four fan-favorite characters! First up, Grudge—who is very much a queen and NOT a cat—works tirelessly to keep her interplanetary courier/working human, Cleveland Booker, safe. Next, witness the heart-wrenching history that brought Adira Tal to Discovery and how they were paired with one of the last remaining Trill symbionts. Then, while on a mysterious mission to a frozen world, Lieutenant Commander Detmer encounters the last person she expects to find: herself! And, in the finale, Saurian Lieutenant Linus has never truly fit in with his Starfleet colleagues, but an encounter with an undiscovered species will put all their fates, and the ship’s, in his hands!
Longtime Star Trek comics creators Mike Johnson and Angel Hernandez, the team behind Star Trek: Discovery—SuccessionStar Trek: Discovery—The Light of Kahless, and Star Trek: Discovery—Aftermath, reunite with Star Trek: Picard co-creator Kirsten Beyer in their fourth comics tie-in to the hit streaming series.

Paperback | $17.99
Published by IDW Publishing
Dec 13, 2022 | 96 Pages | 6-5/8 x 10-3/16 | ISBN 9781684059393