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Squid Inc.

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Each round you select a potential employee, with a name, special ability, and a clout score. You can use their clout to place your employees, and power up their ruthless abilities, or you can add the employee to your team. Once your employee makes it into the company, you’ll use your team’s abilities to earn promotions for each other, floating up the ladder as you demote or even dismiss your opponents’ employees!

At the end of the game, you’ll get points for the combined clout of your employees in the company, with multipliers the higher they’ve gotten on the ladder: x1, x3, x5, and even x7 for the top job! But be careful, as once an employee on your team gets there, there will be a world of sharks, octopuses, blowfish, crabs and more, all hungry for your downfall.

Will you end up chum in the water, or do you have what it takes to become king of the ocean’s largest corporation?


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 80 Player Pieces in custom shapes
  • 70 Clout tokens
  • 48 Employee tiles
  • 42 Employee cards
  • 4 Mailrooms
  • 1 Workplace board

Players: 2-4
Age: 14+
Playing Time: 60 mins