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Sakamoto Days Vol. 5

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By Yuto Suzuki

Kill some time with former hit man Taro Sakamoto!

Taro Sakamoto was once a legendary hit man considered the greatest of all time. Bad guys feared him! Assassins revered him! But then one day he quit, got married, and had a baby. He’s now living the quiet life as the owner of a neighborhood store, but how long can Sakamoto enjoy his days of retirement before his past catches up to him?!

Sakamoto and crew enter a survival game organized by the local shopping district in hopes of winning the cash prize. But they find themselves teaming up with Heisuke, a not-so-bright sharpshooter! Later, evildoers from the underground organization where Shin grew up attack Sakamoto’s store...

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (January 19, 2023)
Length: 200 pages
ISBN13: 9781974734412