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Quentin By Tarantino

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By Amazing Améziane

Take a dive into the brain of master auteur, Quentin Tarantino, writer and director of multiple award-winning films such as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill.

In this sensational graphic novel, the author imagines an interview with Tarantino himself, revealing the history of his ostentatious career and illuminating insights into the icon’s life.

In a first-person account, Amazing Améziane leads us through the life story of this iconic auteur, from his humble beginnings as a video shop clerk, to his rise through iconic indie blockbusters, all the way to global superstar.

Discover the influences, opinions, and history of one of the world’s most acclaimed filmmakers, unmistakable in his style and talent.

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Titan Comics
240 Pages
ISBN: 9781787740648