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Pandora Perfect Vol. 1

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By Roger Langridge
Illustrated by Brett Parson

Hold on to your pearls!

For when criminal genius, sometimes babysitter and all round bad 'un Pandora Perfect is broken out of prison by her faithful robot Gort, no one’s valuables are safe! Pandora and Gort set out on the heist of their lives, stealing fabulous jewels, pickpocketing guffwarblers, and investigating the secrets of a moon made of sausage!

The breakout star of 2000 AD’s acclaimed Regened specials, Pandora swindles, cheats and lies her way to infamy and riches in this hilarious collection by Roger Langridge (Bill and Ted are Doomed) and Brett Parson (Tank Girl). So, hide your heirlooms, lock up your loot and hold on tight! When Pandora and Gort are around, its sure to be Supercalifragilis-Twisted-and-Explosive!

"Simply brilliant fun: Langridge supplies the daft ideas, Parson delivers a pitch-perfect art style" - Comicon 

"She and her robot partner Gort are written with such charisma and personality that you can forgive them their lies and larceny. Roger Langridge wrote an engaging and sometimes laugh out loud story that has that kind of universal appeal that an all ages story can achieve." -MultiversityComics.Com

"Roger Langridge’s tale of a nefarious hi tech “Mary Poppins” is fun" - Comicscene

"A knockabout romp, entirely uncynical and full of fun."

Publisher: 2000 AD (March 30, 2023)
Length: 80 pages
ISBN13: 9781786188045
Ages: 8 - 12