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Night Fever

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Author: Ed Brubaker
Artists: Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips

Who are you, really? Are you the things you do, or are you the person inside your mind?

In Europe on a business trip, Jonathan Webb can’t sleep. Instead, he finds himself wandering the night in a strange foreign city with his new friend, the mysterious and violent Rainer, as his guide.

Rainer shows Jonathan the hidden world of the night, a world without rules or limits. But when the fun turns dangerous, Jonathan may find himself trapped in the dark-the question is, what will he do to get home?

NIGHT FEVER is a pulse-pounding Jekyll-and-Hyde noir thriller about a man facing the darkness inside himself. This riveting tour of the night is a must-have for all BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS fans!

SBN: 9781534326095
Publisher: Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
Imprint: Image Comics
Pub date: 20 Jun 2023