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Neo Retro Illustrations: Retro Reimagined by a New Generation

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Encounter new and stylish "retro" expressions from the 2020s in this anthology.

Released in 2020, New Retro Illustrations, is a book that showcases 300 illustrations from 40 up-and-coming illustrators and that became a popular compilation for new illustration trends. “New retro” (meaning “New” and “Retrospective”) is a trend driven by those who appreciate and enjoy things from the past and reimagining them into something new and modern. This is the second “Neo Retro Illustrations” book that introduces 250 latest "neo-retro" illustrations drawn by another 40 new artists with extremely creative ideas. Find out all about the trends, as well as the roots of these young creators, by immersing yourself in this collection and discovering the current artistic and cultural zeitgeist in Japan and abroad.

Please note that any text in this art book is in Japanese.

Published by PIE International
ISBN: 9784756256560