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Jim Zub (comic script by), Ray Fawkes (comic script by), Jethro Morales (illustrator), Marvel Various (illustrator), Paco Medina (artwork)

Ready. Set. Die! Hundreds are killed every year in an elaborate secret tournament run by a sadistic lunatic with nearly limitless resources at his fingertips. It's not an urban legend. It's not a myth. Murderworld is real! It's online, and the gruesome truth has been hidden from everyone except its victims - until now! This is the wildly violent ride you've been waiting for. Gut-wrenching twists, unbelievable deaths and the Avengers bloodier than you've ever seen them before as the twisted minds of Jim Zub (CONAN THE BARBARIAN, AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER), Ray Fawkes (WOLVERINES) and a murderers' row of talented artists deliver the must-have story of the year! Featuring Spider-Man, Moon Knight, Wolverine, Black Widow and the gamesmaster himself, Arcade - who's putting the murder back into Murderworld!

ISBN: 9781302947224
Publisher: Marvel
Imprint: Marvel Universe
Pub date: 13 Jun 2023
Language: English