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A Guide to Drawing Manga Fantasy Furries and Other Anthropomorphic Creatures

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By Ryo Sumiyoshi

Part human, part animal -- all fantastic!

Veteran illustrator Ryo Sumiyoshi stretches the boundaries of fantasy human-animal hybrids in his new book--presenting not just the usual jungle beasties but a fascinating array of strange and unusual creatures found nowhere else! Sumiyoshi's extensive sketchbook ideas, drawing tips and full-color examples combine insights on body structures and movement with conceptual sketches and notes linking physical attributes to personality and behavior.

The hundreds of drawings in this book show you how to create a rich menagerie of fantasy characters:

  • Anthropomorphic furries based on the classic dog, cat, fox and werewolf-type characters
  • Humans with animal features like a hunter with a bushy tail and the crafty face of a cat
  • Animals with human features, for example a six-legged tiger with a human face
  • Animal-to-animal hybrids including a snake-fox and a griffinesque chimera

These creatures boast mix-and-match fangs, beaks, paws, claws, fur, fins, feathers, scales and plates paired with expressive human attributes. And they come from every branch of the animal kingdom--from mammals to birds, reptiles, fish and insects--and everything in between.

This is the ultimate sourcebook for anyone interested in fantasy creature design!

About the Author:
Ryo Sumiyoshi is an experienced Japanese manga author and illustrator. His works include: Ashidaka: The Iron Hero, Kinniku X Jingai BL, MADK, Ishu Renai Monogatarishuu, Jimba, Our Torsos Align: Human x Monster Love and others. He worked for video game company Capcom, where he was a 3D-character modeler. During his time at Capcom he worked on Monster Hunter 3, Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter X.

Published by Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 9784805317341