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Lord of the Rings Playing Cards

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This fantastic new officially-licensed edition of Waddingtons Number 1 Playing Cards infuses the classic deck of cards with all the magic, adventure and bravery of Peter Jackson’s epic Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. Perfect for your next quest across Middle-earth, or for a leisurely game in your hobbit-hole between breakfast and second breakfast, each suit features designs inspired by hobbits, the world of men, the forces of Sauron and the Fellowship of the Ring.

The pack features two jokers and every card offers some vibrant imagery from the much-loved trilogy inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic novels. Perfect for everything from Snap to Poker, Blackjack and Solitaire, this pack features high-quality cards that are guaranteed to impress, whether you’re playing with dragons, orcs or tricksy hobbitses.

When you’re done playing your favourite card games — or inventing new ones — don’t forget to put your cards back into the elegantly detailed tuckbox to keep them clean and safe until next time.

Key Features:

  • Lord of the Rings fans can now play with this brand new bespoke Waddingtons Number 1 pack
  • Play your favourite card games with Frodo, Sam, Bilbo, Gandalf, Galadriel and the rest of the Fellowship
  • 52 high-quality playing cards, plus 2 jokers
  • YOU SHALL NOT PASS... up the chance to master beloved card games from Poker to Bridge and Snap to Rummy!