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Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Vol. 9

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By Nene Yukimori

Junta Shiraishi blends into the background so much that even his classmates fail to spot him. His goal is to make the most of his high school years, but that pesky invisibility gets in the way…until Nagisa Kubo notices him! Kubo’s playful teasing kicks Shiraishi out of his comfort zone and begins a friendship—or maybe something more?

Shiraishi invites Kubo out for her birthday, but he can’t find the perfect time to give the birthday girl her gift. As summer comes to a close, Shiraishi and his friends get ready for the annual fireworks show. But when Shiraishi gets lost in the crowd at the event, he is plagued by a painful childhood memory. Can his friends find him in time for the fireworks and pull him out of his rumination?

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (October 12, 2023)
Length: 160 pages
ISBN13: 9781974740437
Language: English