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Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War Vol. 22

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By Aka Akasaka

Two high school geniuses scheme to get the other to confess their love first.

Two geniuses. Two brains. Two hearts. One battle. Who will confess their love first…?!

Will Miko’s budding closeness with Miyuki make other interested parties jealous? Then, entertaining a cat in the student council chambers leads to awkward complications. As the war between the Shinomiyas and the Shijos heats up, Kaguya’s new assistant and Mikado both fall under suspicion. And then Kaguya and Miyuki spend the night together… alone!

How do you know when you’re ready?

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC (July 21, 2022)
Length: 208 pages
ISBN13: 9781974728473