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The Incal: The Dying Star

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By Dan Watters
By (artist) Jon Davis-Hunt

A mutant commander leads a desperate mission of revenge. A millennium away, a Sister of Entropy faces certain death. Will love triumph... or will all fall to the rot and the worm?

Part of the expanding universe of The Incal, soon to be a major motion picture from Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok, Our Flag Means Death)!

Things are not going well for Commander Kaimann. Luz, the love of his life, is dead, his home of Tortuga destroyed, his crew ghostly apparitions, and his crocodilian mutation taking over more and more of his body -- Kaimann is fighting for his life on multiple fronts. Just when it seems like despair may overtake him, a chance encounter with a strange violin connects him to Aurora, a woman living in a future where she is staring down almost certain destruction.

With his passions renewed, Kaimann hatches a bold plan to find a cure for his mutation and a future with his newfound love. However, Kaimann’s past is catching up with him, and Aurora’s future faces imminent doom from an approaching hostile fleet. Two timelines tick towards tragedy, and only an act of pure love can save them!

Writer Dan Watters (The Seasons Have Teeth, Home Sick Pilots) and artist Jon Davis-Hunt (Clean Room, Judge Dredd) join forces for this tale of bloody revenge and passion in the stars.

Publisher: Humanoids, Inc. (May 11, 2023)
Length: 128 pages
ISBN13: 9781643377636