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Guardians of Horsa Vol. 1: Legend of the Yearling

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By Roan Black
Illustrated by Glass House Graphics

In the first installment of the action-packed Guardians of Horsa graphic novel series, four young horses from clashing herds must join forces to solve a mystery and save magic.

Welcome to the realm of Horsa, a world of magic, wild horses, and danger. The four elemental herds of Horsa live in uncertain peace, which is to say: stay out of each other’s way and all will be fine. But when signs of a mysterious prophecy about a yearling with untold magical powers appear, four young horses from each herd are called to action. Now these elemental enemies must work together to solve the prophecy, find the yearling, and restore balance to Horsa.

Publisher: Little Simon (January 24, 2023)
Length: 144 pages
ISBN13: 9781665931564
Ages: 5 - 9