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GameCube Anthology

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(W) Math Manent

Initially announced as "Project Dolphin," the GameCube represented Nintendo's transition to the world of digital media. The GameCube Anthology is a unique and original book celebrating the machine's memory.

The year was 1999. The graphic quality of console productions was nearing that of the pre-rendered 3D that had astonished us a few years earlier on the PlayStation especially. Brought to life by the new, so-called "128-bit generation" of consoles. Nintendo would have to play the pioneers if they hoped to compete. Up against their old enemy (Sega), a new and successful console (PlayStation), and the powerful newcomer from the PC industry (Microsoft), the Kyoto-based company geared up for a new console war.

From the Cube's origins to the end of its life cycle, the GameCube Anthology covers it all in this new and richly illustrated account.

Published by Geeks-Line
ISBN: 9791093752426