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Fantastic Four Vol. 3: The Impossible is Probable

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The Fantastic Four meet the Jurassic Four!

What happens when a parallel world starts out different from our own, but, through random chance and development, begins to resemble our Earth? And what happens when those two universes begin to merge not just in style, but literally? It's a fascinating scientific question that the Fantastic Four must consider quickly, as they swap places with their alternate-reality counterparts... and find themselves battling for survival in a world where everyone is a dinosaur! Not an anthropomorphic one, but a literal full-scale dinosaur!

Can our FF hope to survive against dino-sized versions of familiar faces? Will the Avengers meet their match in the dinosaur FF? And when another incursion point occurs in Latveria, Doctor Doom teams up with the only person he can trust... himself! 

Publisher: Marvel
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781302955984