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Embroidery: The Art of Yoshioka

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The first art book from up-and-coming illustrator Yoshioka invites you into the world of fantasy stories.

Yoshioka's wonderful illustrations of plants, animals, nature, and other motifs remind the audience of storybooks as they take them on a journey into a sometimes happy, and sometimes dark world of fantasy. In addition to the illustrator’s original works, this book also includes CD jacket illustrations for Who-ya Extended, the musician of the theme song for TV anime series "Jujutsu Kaisen," and "PSYCHO-PASS 3," and the variant cover of "Bloodborne" (Ales Kot/Titan Comics) and much more. A feature on the making of the cover illustration is also included, providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Yoshioka's process for creating narrative illustrations: from the artist’s work environment to drawing rough sketches, to drawing, painting, and finishing. Delve deeper into the fantasy world of stories that Yoshioka creates with this unique illustration collection.

Please note that this book is in Japanese.

Published by PIE International
Pages: 148
ISBN: 9784756254672