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Diana and The Heros Journey

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Grace Ellis (author), Penelope R. Gaylord (artist)

It takes a village to raise a warrior…and the Amazons have a lot on their hands with Diana. Can she harness the power of truth and community to become the hero we know as WONDER WOMAN? Curious and rambunctious Diana thinks she has the whole warrior thing figured out: punching, archery, sword fighting… But as the village prepares for a festival celebrating the story of Hero—the first hero in Greek mythology—Diana and her goat, Phyllis, cause such chaos that she must embark on a journey to…clean up her mess. With the help of the Amazon’s vivid yet unreliable retellings of Hero’s story, what starts out as a boring chore becomes an epic adventure as Diana learns what it truly means to be a hero. From The New York Times bestselling co-creator of Lumberjanes, Grace Ellis, accompanied by the delightful artwork of Penelope Gaylord comes the story of a young hero who must embrace the support of her community to reach her full potential.

ISBN: 9781779509697
Publisher: DC Comics
DEWEY edition: 23
Language: English