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The Cat From The Kimono

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By Nancy Peña

This surreal and imaginative adult tale follows a beautiful black cat through a fantastical world where he'll survive impossible odds to make his way home... to his mistress' kimono!

Once upon a time in Japan lived a beautiful young woman. The beloved daughter of a silk mill owner, she was lavished with gorgeous kimonos from across the province, but her favourite was the first one he gave her. It was a deep crimson painted with soft, purring black cats, and was crafted by the finest weaver in the mill. The weaver, besotted with her beauty, professed his love to the maiden. Indifferent to his advances, she preferred the warmth of her feline finery to his, leading him down a dark path that separates the woman from one of her beloved black cats! Thus, the cat begins a fantastic voyage, from the bottom of the sea to the smokey markets of London, sometimes in the company of Sherlock Holmes himself, as he becomes a figure of myth and legend.

Travel the world on this surreal journey through the imagination of renowned artist Nancy Peña (Madame Cat), whose gorgeous style is inspired by Japanese painting.

Publisher: Humanoids, Inc. (November 9, 2023)
Length: 104 pages
ISBN13: 9781643376516