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Bofuri: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense. Vol. 5 (manga)

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By Jirou Oimoto, Yuumikan, KOIN

Word is the next event will focus on large-scale guild PVP, and that’s bad news for Maple Tree. With only six members, they’re sure to be at a disadvantage— and the other top guilds are even putting together anti- Maple strategies! Fortunately, the gang picks up two new recruits: Mai and Yui, twin sisters bearing all-strength builds who’ll pack quite a punch after a little power leveling. But with Maple evolving into even more of a literal monster, will she be a bad influence on the newbies?

Publisher: Yen Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $13.00 US / $17.00 CAN
Pages: 164 Pages
ISBN-13: 9781975349486