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Blackguard Vol. 5

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By Ryo Hanada

Your life is yours. Don’t live for anyone but yourself.

The PL-41 virus brought home from outer space has left the world unrecognizable. No place is safe, and no one knows when they’ll die. But every single person still has the privilege—and burden—to decide what to do with their own life.

Will they fight for themselves, for their loved ones, or choose death? Minami, once so fixated on dying, found someone dear to him and now grasps onto the last sliver of hope…and freedom.

The newest dark fantasy series by Ryo Hanada—the creator of Devils’ Line—now comes to its pulse-pounding end!

Paperback | $12.95
Published by Vertical Comics
Nov 22, 2022 | 224 Pages | ISBN 9781647291624