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Ayashimon Vol. 2

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Yuji Kaku

Maruo punches his way into the monstrous world of Ayashimon yakuza with dreams of becoming a manga protagonist!

When the Enma Syndicate's chairman dies, Japan's supernatural underworld is turned on its head, leaving gangs of ayashimon poised on the brink of war. Urara, the late chairman's daughter, has plans to come out on top, and she's found an unlikely ally to help make it happen-Maruo, a human who dreams of being a manga hero.

Between monstrous enemies and super-powered battles, Maruo's finally living the life he's always dreamed of. But can his inhuman strength overcome Doppo Akari's heat-stealing flames? And even if he does defeat the first opponent to ever drive him into a corner, how are one bodyguard and his boss supposed to win an open war against the Enma Syndicate?

ISBN: 9781974738588
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Pub date: 06 Jul 2023
Edition: Graphic ed
Language: English