CGC Glossary & Details

Value/Fair Market Value
The value of your book before grading. This will be determined using recent online sales data and the Overstreet Price Guide.

Handling Fee
A handling fee of £13 is applied by CGC to all books submitted in the same tier.

For example:
4 comics submitted under Modern will each carry a handling fee of £3.25.
2 comics submitted under Express will each carry a handling fee of £6.50.

This fee is split between all customers making submissions at the same time. Pressing in addition to grading splits the book onto a different invoice, meaning it does not share the handling fee with non-pressed submissions. ReHolders also carry the £13 handling fee.

Slang terminology for a CGC graded book. 'Slabbing' means submitting your book for grading.

About CGC:
Certified Guaranty Company™ (CGC) revolutionised the comic book marketplace when it was founded in 2000 by providing clear, objective and impartial assessments of authenticity and grade. Today, CGC is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics, magazines, concert posters and related collectibles with more than 5 million collectibles certified since 2000.