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Sheepy Time

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Help your humans stay asleep through the night by completing laps and jumping the fence! Each time you jump the fence, you help everyone fall asleep easier. But beware the Nightmares that haunt these dreams and threaten a rude awakening. As you play, you'll end up in situations where you'll need to decide if it's safe to stay in the dream or "call it a night" and wait until the end of the round. However, braver sheep might just surpass you, so choose wisely!

Play your cards right, use your Zzzs on the sweetest dreams, and prove you are the dreamiest sheep of all!


* 1 Game Board
* 1 Fence Token
* 1 Scoreboard
* 1 First Sheep Token
* 4 Sheep Tokens
* 4 Wink Tokens
* 4 Pillow Tokens
* 40 Zzz Tokens
* 1 Nightmare Token
* 1 Web Token
* 30 Dream Tiles
* 50 Sheep Cards
* 30 Nightmare Cards
* 3 Nightmare Reference Cards
* 2 Pillow Reference Tiles
* 1 Rulebook

Players: 1-4
Age: 10+
Playing Time: 30-45 mins