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Join the Patios festival in Córdoba on May! With the help of gardeners and neighbors, you will create the most wonderful place with flowers and beautiful balconies. Use your traditional canes with water and be careful with the Sun because it can dry your flower pots.

During three rounds, you will ask for help to different characters to get flower cards with to build your patio around your starting well card. Be careful, because maybe this character you want to use will give cards to another person, too. When the visitors arrive to the first position of the character row, the round is finished and you must show your patio. If you managed to get many flowers of the same color, you will score many points.

Who will win the Patios conquest this year?

The PATIOS festival in Córdoba (Andalucía, Spain) is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Players: 2-5
Age: 10+
Playing Time: 45 mins