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JLA: The Tower of Babel The Deluxe Edition

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By Mark Waid
Illustrated by Howard Porter

Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Green Lantern. The Flash. These are the world’s greatest heroes—the team known as the Justice League of America. The JLA has battled terrifying foes across the galaxy…but what will happen when the battle turns inward?

A mysterious plague has swept across Earth. All language has seemingly turned to gibberish,
and the world is plunged into a state of panic as communication becomes impossible.
The JLA is determined to set things right…but it turns out that one of their own may have played a role in this disaster. Is one of the heroes truly responsible for the chaos across the planet? Will the JLA survive this shocking betrayal?
JLA: The Tower of Babel The Deluxe Edition is a tale of epic proportions, by acclaimed writer Mark Waid (Kingdom ComeThe Flash) and artist Howard Porter (The FlashScooby Apocalypse). Collects JLA #18-21, 32-33, 43-46, and two stories from JLA Secret Files #3.

Hardcover | $34.99
Published by DC Comics
Apr 27, 2021 | 280 Pages | 7-1/16 x 10-7/8 | ISBN 9781779509512