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Disney: Kingdomania Series 1 Super Game Pack

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Disney Kingdomania: Series 1 - Super Game Pack Enter the digital game world of Disney Kingdomania! Each level features cherished Disney stories and characters, but troublesome Glitches are causing chaos and mixing up the levels! Patch the problems before they crash the game!

The Super Game Pack contains everything you need to play and jumpstarts your collection with four characters, two items, and 20 unique level tiles. Combine with Game Balls for more players, and expand the fun with 40 figures to collect!

Interesting Gameplay Features
•  Series 1 features 40 figures from eight beloved Disney properties. Collect them all-including exclusive items, variants, and chase figures!
•  Contains everything you need to play, including four character figures with unique game tiles and special powers.
•  Play solo, with a friend, or combine with balls and packs to add more players!
•  Build your own game level each time you play, and collect more tiles to create bigger, multi-level games.
•  Discover powerful item figures-only available in Super Game Packs!