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Alien Vol. 2: Revival

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(W) Philip Kennedy Johnson (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) Marc Aspinall

Fresh horror from a galaxy full of nightmares! An off-world terraforming station manned by an Appalachian religious sect has been beset by an outbreak of Xenomorphs! Now, a brave woman dying from a rare disease must defend her flock against the most perfect killing organisms in the cosmos! Jane may be facing her last days trapped inside a failing body, but she has already given her all to keep the colony together - and she doesn't intend to stop now. But as the Alien menace spreads, secrets about Jane's fellow Spinners are revealed and the once tight-knit community is torn apart. Can the survivors find a sanctuary that hasn't yet been overrun? Will help arrive in time? Or will the true purpose behind the isolated colony destroy all hope?

Collecting ALIEN #7-12.

Parental Advisory

Published by Marvel Comics
ISBN: 9781302926151