X-Ray Robot

X-Ray Robot


Illustrated by LAURA ALLRED


Max is a family man seeking a more interesting life. While conducting a new experiment at work the fabric of his reality is torn before his eyes, and a robotic figure appears claiming to be his 277 year-old self.

The robot is able to “X-Ray” multiple dimensions and battles a nihilistic entity from another dimension who wants to take all life to its “Pre-Big Bang” status. Max and the robot embark on an interdimensional roadtrip through past and future to take down the “Nihilist” and save the universe!

Collects X-Ray Robot #1-#4 and features a 3D cover section and pinups by Chris Samnee, Greg Smallwood, Tradd Moore, and David Rubín.

  • Additional Information

    Paperback | $19.99
    Published by Dark Horse Books
    Feb 02, 2021 | 136 Pages | 6-5/8 x 10-3/16 | ISBN 9781506710785

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