Prrrecious Moments

And suddenly, both Inu-kun and Neko-sama turned 10 years old! The clock of a pet’s life ticks by quickly, and at some point they outpace their human’s age and travel on ahead, but…right now they’re at peak cuteness! Even cuter than when they were just a puppy and a kitten! Hidekichi shares more snapshots of life with the pets she dotes on, the pets who are so gosh darn cute even when they’ve grown up!

With a Dog AND a Cat, Every Day is Fun Vol. 4

  • Paperback | $12.95
    Published by Vertical Comics
    Jun 01, 2021 | 128 Pages | 5-3/4 x 8-3/4 | 7 and up | ISBN 9781647290436