• Includes Prowl figure and instructions!
  • 14 cm Prowl Figure: 14 cm Warrior Class Prowl Action Attackers figure inspired by the Cyberverse animated series!
  • Signature Prowl Attack Move: Convert the heroic Autobot Prowl to activate Jetblast Action Attack move. Fun attack move can be repeated through easy reactivation steps!
  • 2-In-1 Toy: Easy conversion for kids ages 6 and up! Simply convert Prowl figure from robot to cop car mode in 9 steps!
  • Please note that since Transformers toys are made for children, some parts are designed to detach if play gets too rough. That way, the pieces can be reattached without damaging the toy!
  • G1-Inspired Classic Cyberverse Character: White and blue Prowl toy designed to look like his classic police car alt mode!
  • Inspired by the military strategist from the Transformers Cyberverse cartoon, as seen on Cartoon Network and YouTube!
  • Each Transformers robot has 2 modes. They convert from robots to vehicles such as cars, trucks, jets, and tanks! Each bot has a special ability known as an Action Attack move; these signature attack moves activate in battle!

Transformers Cyberverse: Prowl (Warrior Class)