The New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed series Green Lantern written by Geoff Johns continues!

Setting the stage for the Green Lanterns’ role in FINAL CRISIS comes Part 1 of “The Alpha Lanterns.” Who are the Alpha-Lanterns? What bizarre cosmic surgery have they undergone? And how will they affect the future of the Green Lantern Corps? In the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, the Green Lanterns are undergoing an unprecedented reconstruction and reinvention, and the controversial Alpha-Lantern project is in full effect. Meanwhile, with Sinestro’s true machinations for his war revealed to Earth’s prime Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, debate rages across Oa as lines are drawn and crossed, new bonds are formed, and old ones broken.

The prelude to “The Blackest Night” also begins here! They come from a place of great anger and hatred. They are the Red Lanterns and they will have their revenge against the greatest Green Lantern — Sinestro. That is, unless the Guardians have theirs first.

Collects Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1, Green Lantern #26-38.

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Book 4

  • Paperback | $39.99
    Published by DC Comics
    Dec 29, 2020 | 352 Pages | 6-5/8 x 10-3/16 | ISBN 9781779506023